Alexandra Swistak is a fine artist and published crime writer. She studied watercolor and ceramics in Fukuoka, Japan and oil painting in Paris, France.

Influenced by the Italian and Flemish Renaissance, Alexandra’s paintings use symbolism, fables, mythology, and the supernatural as a means of storytelling. Her protagonists search for meaning, expression and freedom through the mysterious choices they make.


Artist Statement
Since establishing a much needed large studio, I have been focusing on creating an extensive body of work. My experience has brought me closer to my academic studies and has lead me to create more elaborate compositions which combine figurative and still life elements. In addition, I continue to indulge my fascination in art by observing and studying Old Renaissance Masters.

My work is about experiencing beauty, discovery, and curiosity. Beauty is captured through light and darkness and the way shadows falls. My paintings recreate an imagined narrative; a place where subjects are able to travel through varied levels of reality and enter liminal space. They explore fearlessly and challenge themselves. Quite, careful, observation has taught me to take great pleasure in arranging spontaneous pairings and overlooked subject matter, all which have enabled me to invent a whole new genre. When visitors come to my studio, they respond and interact with the memento mori, exotic plants and costumes. It is very important for all my tools to be visible and tangible for concepts to form instantly. I use the fundamentals of design and composition to paint what I see in front of me and what I see in my mind.


Core Values
My ultimate goal is to make beautiful art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. I paint small, affordable, contemporary paintings in gouache. Other work is large scale on wood panel or canvas and thus, there is quality artwork for every buyer.

I offer original artwork and limited edition digital prints of gouache and oil paintings printed on enhanced matte archival paper of portraits, landscapes and still lifes.


Private Collections: Canada, United States, Europe and Asia.